Parker Hannifin Brass Division comments about on-site Pranayama session

By Wellness Committee Co-Chair Mr. Anil Verma
Allegan  Michigan

Inviting Renu Sharma to our facility to conduct a Pranayama (Yogic Breathing, Meditation, and Exercise) session, elicited many positive responses from both the office and manufacturing employees. Renu did an excellent job of tailoring her program to the time constraints and specific needs of our multiple shifts, by hosting three sessions throughout the day, and targeting those areas requested by the employees. A survey sheet was handed out to the employees after the session, and many of them described the calming, enlightening, and relaxing experience felt after going through the session. A common thread shared amongst respondents was the usefulness for stress reduction. From a physical standpoint, one of our asthmatic employees reported easier breathing. This multi-faceted approach that Renu Sharma espouses, might lead us to invite her to Parker Hannifin again to target specific health and wellness areas of our employees


 Comments on Feb. 17, 2007, Free Pranayama Seminar @ Kalamazoo Public Libraryby Paula M. - Yoga Teacher

Dear Renu:
I wanted to thank you for inviting me to the Pranayama seminar last Saturday, for taking the time to talk to me about it ahead of time, and for sharing your information so generously. I have practiced each day since. I have been sleeping uninterrupted every night and have faced each day with renewed energy after my morning Pranayama. I have been sharing some of the techniques with the students in my Yoga classes. I think I am becoming a Pranayama zealot. I teach at ......, our local nursing home, this morning and intend to incorporate some of your techniques. You answered to many of my questions that no one else has, such as the meanings of the fingers, which nostrils breath affects which side of the brain, and how vibrations help remove toxins. My husband suffers from many illnesses and is on many medications. Last night he stated an interest in watching the DVD with me and giving Pranayama a try. One of his health issues is high blood pressure, and Pranayama seems to be extremely effective in counteracting that. I have studied the Yamas, the Niyamas, and of course, Asana. There has, until your seminar, been a BIG HOLE in my Yoga knowledge -- #3, Pranayama, was missing. I have dinner each week with a group of my friends. Last night, two of them were fascinated by my tale of Pranayama and want to come to the workshop. I would love to have their stay on this planet extended by Pranayama. Again, thank you Renu, and please extend my thanks to your brother. I trust that our paths will cross again.
A Huge Thank You to Renu Sharma!

One morning I received a phone call from a fellow college instructor, telling me that she had been through an amazing experience with a woman named Renu Sharma. She told me that it was imperative that I call her and schedule her to speak to my Holistic Health class. I did call Renu and she very graciously offered to come to two of my classes to introduce my class to the "power of breathing." Renu not only demonstrated Pranayama and helped my class begin this new endeavor, she also talked to them about many aspects of life. In my Holistic Health class, I try to teach Mind-Body-Spirit in everything that we do. Renu added a wonderful new dimension to this, and the class absolutely loved it. After Renus last visit to our class, we talked about the benefits of a balanced life and breathing. The entire class suggested that I have her come back each semester to my other classes because of how much they learned. Some of the students are currently practicing Pranayama and say that they are feeling very good because of this. I have to agree. I found myself working on the process and feeling much more relaxed and spiritual. All 30 of us want to say a huge, "Thank you," to Renu for introducing us to a life-saving concept!
Connie Edlund Instructor and Chairperson, Wellness
and Physical Education
Kalamazoo Valley Community College