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Q: Can Kapal Bhati be performed in a standing position? Is there any disadvantage to this?

All the Pranayamas which Swami Ji teaches are to be done sitting down or sitting on a chair also soon as the back is straight. There is a lot of mis-understanding and confusion about pranayam, people are taking it to be just another physical exercise. Pranayam works on the subtle 'Energy Body' prana which permiates in our whole of being, which moves every thing in our physical body , mental body , energy body , wisdom body and leads us to see our true self blissful body. When we do these pranayamas it changes our energy level and we start to vibrate at a higher level, our eyes close,our thougts get single pointed and we get disconnected from our senses and takes us inwords, so now if we do these pranayams standing up and get to a state described above we will fall and hurt our selves. Pranayam is NOT an exercise but a way of life , which leads to meditation (NOT a religious ritual limited to any specific religion but an inner awareness which is not possible when we make it a part of our always 'MULTI-TASKING' habbits. Keep Practicing 'Sitting down' and BE HAPPY !!

Q: Namaste, I have been experincing depression and laziness.What is th ebst recommendation for me to help myself come out of this phase. Thanks, Sonal

Namaste' Laziness it self causes depression !! But when we are depressed we don't feel like doing any thing and it is a catch 22 situation. Apart from medical treatment a lot can be done to help one selves. Do Pranayama apx. 1 hour in the morming and in the evening, These stimulate vagal nerve which help produce chemicals and hormones which make us feel balanced thus resulting in happiness or normalization. Start doing some physical exersices also as they increase the production of ENDORPHINS the happy hormons. Don't laugh at this but start laughing just for no reason may be infront of the mirror for 5 minutes twice daily (Hasya Yog) Start doing some selfless deeds every day where you can volunteer your time and effort (may be money !) for others in any way , shape of form as this increases the production of Seratonin in your body leading to happy state of mind. I am glad you have purchased the DVD's but please start doing Pranayam every day. BEING HAPPY IS OUR BIRTH RIGHT, DON'T GIVE IT UP !!!

Q: Namaste, greetings to u my son is 7 year old and has alredy started wearing specs and i want his number to decrease wat excercise shud i follow to remove his number?

Namaste', salam and aadaab, The 7 step pranayam of Swami Ramdev Ji works very well for the eyesight problems. Please get a DVD which is in english and gives you a step by step demo of all the pranayams (WWW.powerofbreath.org)and start doing these with him every day for 20 minutes or so before he goes to school or after school,( we do this every day with my kids before school who are 8 & 10 yrs old boys with no physical problems) Another thing which can be done is twice a day fill your mouth up with water and splash cold water on the open eyes for 2 minutes. Amla is good for eyes so may be find amla murraba and feed him daily. Almonds are good for eyes so soak 7-10 almonds at night and give it him every day in the morning. Learn the pranayam techniques personally from a teacher if possible, contact us if you need help with this. Good eye heath will be in Sight with pranayam and your right attitude. BE HAPPY !!!!

Q: I have high blood pressure. with blood pressure medication i got so many side effects. I do meditation and yoga on regular basis.

I am so glad that you are doing meditation and yoga. From your statement it looks like your blood pressure is still not under control. In USA 65 million people have high blood pressure, and most of them eventually will need 3 different classes (kind) of medications to to keep it under control! But just like you a lot of them would experience side effects. Reducing your weight and the amount of salt you consume can help in reducing your BP, but doing these 7 pranayamas can help you a lot more, but please make sure you are doing these in the proper sequence, technique and timing. After pranayama meditation will happen and yoga postures can also help to limber you up. Keep increasing your practices and BE HAPPY !!!

Q: Can pranaayam cure a person, although their are malefic effects of planets affecting her?

Pranayama is a part of Yoga, It's a breathing technique which helps body and mind cleanse it self of toxic metabolic waste which is being accumalated in the body. Now you have asked a question about destiny !! If you fall sick would you NOT go to the doctor because you are being affected by the planets and some how help those planets to punish your self !! What ever we do or not do today is going to make our future. Purusharth ( effort ) never goes waste, so start bringing good habits, yoga, pranayam and meditation and feel lighter by NOT carrying the burdon of heavy planets on your shoulders and BE HEALTHY & HAPPY !!

Q: Can the practice of pranaayam only help a person in attaining God Realisation.

There are a thousand different paths leeding to the gateway of heavens pranayam is one of them. Pranayaam helps with restoring and cleaning the software which runs our life. When ultimatly we become absolutly pure in our thoughts, our actions and in our whole being we can eventually identify our real Self which is not different than the Universal Self, Yatha Pindae Tatha Brahmandae !! Keep following ANY path you have with utmost devotion and faith after you have clearly tested it to be TRUE , it will lead you to the Ultimate Truth. BE HAPPY !!!

Q: Hello I have been diagnosed with heart murmur since 2004. Now my specialist is recommending surgery to replace the heart valve. Could you please suggest me, can I be cured by doing pranayam. If so then how long and what specific I should do.

Pranayam is a way of life, it's a life style modification. It's not to be used to treat acute (immediate) life threatening conditions. But we can surely bring theses practices in to our life soon as possible, You can read the "success stories" on the web site and can see for your self that pranayam is helping a lot of people in very difficult medical conditions. There is NO such rule that we can't use medical help in accute conditions AND also use pranayama along with that. Pranayama, yogic streaches and meditation are to be brought into our lives to help with prevention and healing chronic health conditions. We have some patients of cancer who are getting chemotherapy AND are doing pranayama and are NOT experiencing the dreaded side effects of Chemo, Cancer specialists are amazed. But it has to be done properly for proper timings. Keep practicing consistently and with faith and stay health & BE HAPPY !!!

Q: What asans and breathing technique is right for someone suffering with fibromalgia? thanks

Fibromyalgia is a condition which is an "exclusion diagnosis" which simply means that when Dr' can't diagnose any thing in perticular but the patient is suffering with pain all over the body or moreso in certain parts of the body. Soon as you put a little pressur on any part of the body it HURTS. Its a painful condition of muscles, ligaments & tendons, So many times there are knots in the musscle which are very prominent and painful. There doesn't seem to be any reason in medical field but given a vague explaination that these people have "Central Senitization" meaning their brain is too sensitive to pain, their threshold of pain is lowered. People with Fibromyalgia seem have great amount of mental stress, not because of only external circumstances but because of their own thinking pattern where they see them selves always under attack from every place (some times they are !!). The whole nervous system (brain) and skeletal system ( muscles) due to this increased stress not able to get enough blood flow and oxygen and is constricted hense the pain all over. Yoga streches , Pranayam ( all 7 of them) leading to meditation can increase the blood flow and oxygen supply to ALL the muscles and brain, these are the ultimate stress busters and can increase the thresh hold of pain again in your brain. The pranayam practice can give you the mental relaxation and strength, Yoga can increase the flexibility and strength of the muscles and meditation can give you the power of spirit which is with in you always but have been forgotten. Start practicing and with consistancy your pain will start to go away and you will BE HAPPY !!!.

Q: I have a breathing problem,In my nose the bone has grown. so i am getting problem to breath. Please suggest me.

This 7 step pranayam is Great for specially breathing problems ! Please do these regularly and consistently, but properly, either find a pranayama teacher to learn these or can get the DVD- healing powers of pranayama, keep practicing and BE HAPPY !.