I did pranayam in bangalore for 6 months. i saw swami ramdev's CD and learned from it. i did in the sequence - bhastrika for 3 min, then kapal bhati for 5-10 min, anulom vilom for 10 min, bhramari and ujjayni for 3 min each. i was more fit and energetic t

than ever. i needed lesser sleep also. Then i moved to San Francisco and the weather is very dry here. When I get up and clear my nose in the morning, i see blood clots. now i started doing pranayam and i have started having headache in the evenings. When I stopped, the headache went away. I tried putting oil and vaseline inside my nose but that didnt work. Please help. I am doing it the same way I used to do it in Bangalore.


You want to feel as good as you felt in Bangalor. As you are thinking it is dryness and you are trying to use vaseline or oils, well the dryness actually comes from within. You need to be drinking a lot more water, 8 to 10 glasses daily, please start counting to see if you are drinking enough. Another thing you need to do is add 2-3 drops of GHEE ( clarified butter ) in your nose, and for your headaches you can instead use Badam Rogan in your nose. Hydrate from inside by drinking water and lubricate the nose for extra dryness. You can also put a vaporizer in the house to increase the moisture. Some time you can also fill up the water apx 2 inches in your bathtub and put a stopper, that will also increase the moisture in the house. Start doing these practice slowly and with slow to medium force and speed and feel as good as Bangalore and BE HAPPY !!!!