I am 30 year old and i have a blood pressure of 160/90, i am doing kapalabathi for 15 min, anulomaviloma for 25 min and bramri 5 times from last 6 months. But my blood pressure remains same. what can i do to control my blood pressure without medicines.

is i am doing correct way in respect of timings.


What yoy are missing is the Bhastrika to start with , please start with 5-7 minutes of Bhastrika and also start doing bhastrika and anulom vilom and bhramari in the evening. Make sure your techique is proper and you are not doing kapalbhati with excessive force. Please do all of the pranayamas with medium pace and medium strenght. forceful kapalbhati can raise your heat and blood pressue. Also reduce salt intake and eat more vegitables and fresh fruits. Pay attention to your weight, keep it under control, 30 years is no age to suffer from Blood pressure. Reduce your stress level do a few streches in between pranayam also.