My child shaurya is 4 years old . he has this problem of asthma . it starts whenever season changes , please suggest me some pranayam and any other cure.

Asthma is a growing problem specially in west. A lot of people are getting hypersensitive (over reactive) airways. Medically they are treated with several different drugs including inhalers to open the airways and steroids, but again we are suppressing the symptoms and not going to the root cause of the problem. You can start your child on all the 7 pranayams as prescribed by Swami Ramdevji, start him with only a short period of different pranayamas... Bhastrika.. 3-5 minutes kapalbhati.. 5-7 minutes , anulo vilom 5-7 minutes bhramari 3 times , udgeet 3 times also if you can teach him Ujaayee 3 times that will be great. If possible these can be repeated in the evening as well. I know it is hard to make a 4 year old sit and do the pranayama but if you can make a game out of it, if you are doing these yourself then little kids are like monkeys , they follow what you are doing and that could be of great benefit to all of your family. Find a teacher and learn the correct way or get a DVD and follow it. Asthma responds very fast and specially in kids as the disease has not yet taken hold on the body.