Dear Sir/ Madam, I am a Physically Handicapped person. I am born with disability. I would like improve my Health. Daily i do KAPAL BHATI (15-20Mins) and ANALOMA AND VINALOMA (15-20Mins). I cannot sit on the floor. When I climb stairs, I get breathlessness

and feel tired. If I walk for some distance, then also I get the same problem. Last year I was admitted in the Hospital because of the lack of OXYGEN. Because of my Lungs Deformation, my Exhale of Carbon-di-Oxide was less. So Doctor had prescribed a BIPAP machine which is should be using during the Night time while sleeping through out my life. I want to reduce my fattiness around my Stomach and Waist. When I breath, my lungs does not expand. with the KAPAL BHATI and ANALOMA AND VINALOMA, can i over come these difficulties or should do some other excise. I kindly request you to guide me in this. Thanks and Regards Gopal
I am glad that you are doing PRANAYAM and have been able to do kapal-bhati and anulom vilom for 15- 20 minutes each, this pranayam will greatly help you. I would suggest doing all 6 pranayams , starting with Bhastrika , bahaya , bhramari, udgeet and some dhayan. If you want improvement start some yogic streaches as well.