Hello, i,ve been doing pranayam regularly since past few months....i wanted to know as to how many counts of kapalbhatti should be done at a maximum.. i generally do about 1000 in a span of 15-20 minutes....also sometimes after having done kapalbhatti, i

i feel a surge of blood to my head and periphery like a tingling sensation for a few minutes...it is not a discomfort of any sort but i just wanted to know if i,m doing fine ?


A healthy person should do Kapalbhati for 15 minutesto 20 minutes. A thousand strokes in 20 minutes is good, If you have some condition you are trying to take care of then you can increase it to 30 minutes and in medically incurable diseases it can be done twice. Kapalbhati is a very powerful pranayam and you want to make sure you are doing it at a medium pace and apx 1 stroke per second. If done with excessive force it can increase your blood pressure. The tingling and feeling of your circulation and increased vibrations specially in your fingers and hands is a feeling which is to be felt if you are really aware of your self and are doing kapalbhati properly. Keep it up and stay happy and healthy !!