I was 5years old when I was diagnosed with cronic sinusitus and Asthama. Now I am 20 years old. I had septoplastic surgery to remove sinus problem but did not help. My nose stays stuffy all the time and asthama problem is increasing.

What should I do to get relief from this problem. Thanks.


Asthma and sinus problems along with allergies are the diseases which are increasing rampantly. People are just tired of not been able to BREATH and it is causing sleeplessness which in turn causes tiredness all day next day. You have already had sinus surgery without help, now lets get back to a more natural way to help your ASTHMA ( which is usually part of allergies) and sinus problems. First of all you will have to do this 7 steps Pranayam , if you don't know how to do it, please learn from a pranayam teacher, or you can get an Instructional DVD from our site. (Very soon you will bw able to get GREAT AYURVEDIC herbal suppliments also from this site.) The pranayam you want do for to start with apx. 30 minutes and eventually increase it as the benefits increase. We have had great success in ASTHMA and sinus problems
( check out the success stories on our site). Another thing which you can do is JAL-NETI or as it is being popularised here in USA media as some thing new " SINUS RINSE ", buy a NETI-pot and do this daily and your sinus problems would be history. Start your practices do jal-neti and salt water gargels and you would be surprised . Stay healthy and happy as you will be able to breath without much resistance.......