I am 34 and suffering from acne. It is well controlled with birth control pills but after stopping, these come back. What can i do to stop having any blemishes, breakouts, or acne with yoga and without taking any medication?

What yoga exercises should I perform?
Acne is a stubborn problem, the more you look at it the more you get disappointed and get worried, and this feeds fear and this does not help your situation. In ayurveda acne is a disorder of Pitta or heat moving under the skin and breaking out in pimples and it's cause could be specially for you as you described , be premenstrual hormonal changes. It could also be emotional stress or bacterial infection and or exposure to chemicals or sunlight. So it should be avoided. Use a Pitta reducing diet where you should be avoiding spicy, fermented , fried and citrus fruits. You could drink Aloe vera juice 1 cup a day. Keep your colon clean which do by taking triphala at night. apply melon at bedtime and wash in the morning would cool your skin. Also you can use a hebal product -- kaya kalp vati. Pranayama.. do a modified version of anulom vilom.. by just do a left nostril breathing for 15 minutes twice daily. If you do have a bacterial infection you would need to take the antibiotic for some time and can start doing these other things to help you long term.