I am 24 years old male from hyderabad,INDIA.I have been suffering from hair fall problem since 2004.My hair intensity is getting reduced,now the scalp is easily visible even through the hair. Which pranayams will help for preventing hair fall?

I heard kapalbathi would help for hair fall prevention and at the same time it would help for reduction of weight.I dont want weight reduction.I am slim and trying to get muscles ,doing body building. If i do these pranayams,will i loose weight ? what is the diet should i take for hair fall prevention? Can i get my hair which i lost and look like normal? Tell me the correct solution for hair fall prevention? what are the benifits of all pranayams? Shall i do all pranayams which were taught by ramdev even though if i dont hav any disease right now,for future prevention? i am totally confused by reading about pranayams in some sites in NET.Gimme clear picture about the advantages of these pranayams and solution for my problem I would be gr8ful 2 u ,if u gimme solution to me Thanx a ton in Anticipation


Dear Ashok, you can do the pranayam and do the kapal bhati it wouldn't make you loose weight if you have low weight. For hair growth you can also rub your nails of your both hands togather for 5 minutes twice a day. A healthy diet and less stress will also help a lot. You can also buy 'Kesh oil' for your hail as well. Hope it helps.