My eyes are week(-1.25). and i have to use spects. Could u tell me any exercise by which I can recover my eye's power. thanks

As we grow older, specially after 40 years. It's NOT just that your senses start to weaken but also this is the time when ALL other health problems start to show up. As is explained by the AYURVED philosophy, as we do not live a healthy life style the Nadi's start getting clogged by toxins and we are not able to get the energy to the organs, and it causes an imbalance and malfunction. So that we don't keep on accumulate toxins (ama) in our systems, we can do a few things.. 1) Eat healthier foods. 2) Fast as tolerated 3) Do Shankh-prakshalan Kriya 4) do a simplified version of panch-kriya at home or at an Ayurvedic clinic. For eyes there are a few things you can do. 1) Ist thing in the morning, fill your mouth with water and splash your open eyes with COLD water for a few minutes. 2) There are TRATAK eye exercise, also BATES eye exercises. 3) Doing Pranayama on a daily basis always help remove toxins from the whole body at a cellular level thus restoring not only eyesight but other imbalances as well.