Can Kapal Bhati be performed in a standing position? Is there any disadvantage to this?

All the Pranayamas which Swami Ji teaches are to be done sitting down or sitting on a chair also soon as the back is straight. There is a lot of mis-understanding and confusion about pranayam, people are taking it to be just another physical exercise. Pranayam works on the subtle 'Energy Body' prana which permiates in our whole of being, which moves every thing in our physical body , mental body , energy body , wisdom body and leads us to see our true self blissful body. When we do these pranayamas it changes our energy level and we start to vibrate at a higher level, our eyes close,our thougts get single pointed and we get disconnected from our senses and takes us inwords, so now if we do these pranayams standing up and get to a state described above we will fall and hurt our selves. Pranayam is NOT an exercise but a way of life , which leads to meditation (NOT a religious ritual limited to any specific religion but an inner awareness which is not possible when we make it a part of our always 'MULTI-TASKING' habbits. Keep Practicing 'Sitting down' and BE HAPPY !!