Namaste, I have been experincing depression and laziness.What is th ebst recommendation for me to help myself come out of this phase. Thanks, Sonal

Namaste' Laziness it self causes depression !! But when we are depressed we don't feel like doing any thing and it is a catch 22 situation. Apart from medical treatment a lot can be done to help one selves. Do Pranayama apx. 1 hour in the morming and in the evening, These stimulate vagal nerve which help produce chemicals and hormones which make us feel balanced thus resulting in happiness or normalization. Start doing some physical exersices also as they increase the production of ENDORPHINS the happy hormons. Don't laugh at this but start laughing just for no reason may be infront of the mirror for 5 minutes twice daily (Hasya Yog) Start doing some selfless deeds every day where you can volunteer your time and effort (may be money !) for others in any way , shape of form as this increases the production of Seratonin in your body leading to happy state of mind. I am glad you have purchased the DVD's but please start doing Pranayam every day. BEING HAPPY IS OUR BIRTH RIGHT, DON'T GIVE IT UP !!!