Namaste, greetings to u my son is 7 year old and has alredy started wearing specs and i want his number to decrease wat excercise shud i follow to remove his number?

Namaste', salam and aadaab, The 7 step pranayam of Swami Ramdev Ji works very well for the eyesight problems. Please get a DVD which is in english and gives you a step by step demo of all the pranayams ( start doing these with him every day for 20 minutes or so before he goes to school or after school,( we do this every day with my kids before school who are 8 & 10 yrs old boys with no physical problems) Another thing which can be done is twice a day fill your mouth up with water and splash cold water on the open eyes for 2 minutes. Amla is good for eyes so may be find amla murraba and feed him daily. Almonds are good for eyes so soak 7-10 almonds at night and give it him every day in the morning. Learn the pranayam techniques personally from a teacher if possible, contact us if you need help with this. Good eye heath will be in Sight with pranayam and your right attitude. BE HAPPY !!!!