Hello I have been diagnosed with heart murmur since 2004. Now my specialist is recommending surgery to replace the heart valve. Could you please suggest me, can I be cured by doing pranayam. If so then how long and what specific I should do.

Pranayam is a way of life, it's a life style modification. It's not to be used to treat acute (immediate) life threatening conditions. But we can surely bring theses practices in to our life soon as possible, You can read the "success stories" on the web site and can see for your self that pranayam is helping a lot of people in very difficult medical conditions. There is NO such rule that we can't use medical help in accute conditions AND also use pranayama along with that. Pranayama, yogic streaches and meditation are to be brought into our lives to help with prevention and healing chronic health conditions. We have some patients of cancer who are getting chemotherapy AND are doing pranayama and are NOT experiencing the dreaded side effects of Chemo, Cancer specialists are amazed. But it has to be done properly for proper timings. Keep practicing consistently and with faith and stay health & BE HAPPY !!!