What asans and breathing technique is right for someone suffering with fibromalgia? thanks

Fibromyalgia is a condition which is an "exclusion diagnosis" which simply means that when Dr' can't diagnose any thing in perticular but the patient is suffering with pain all over the body or moreso in certain parts of the body. Soon as you put a little pressur on any part of the body it HURTS. Its a painful condition of muscles, ligaments & tendons, So many times there are knots in the musscle which are very prominent and painful. There doesn't seem to be any reason in medical field but given a vague explaination that these people have "Central Senitization" meaning their brain is too sensitive to pain, their threshold of pain is lowered. People with Fibromyalgia seem have great amount of mental stress, not because of only external circumstances but because of their own thinking pattern where they see them selves always under attack from every place (some times they are !!). The whole nervous system (brain) and skeletal system ( muscles) due to this increased stress not able to get enough blood flow and oxygen and is constricted hense the pain all over. Yoga streches , Pranayam ( all 7 of them) leading to meditation can increase the blood flow and oxygen supply to ALL the muscles and brain, these are the ultimate stress busters and can increase the thresh hold of pain again in your brain. The pranayam practice can give you the mental relaxation and strength, Yoga can increase the flexibility and strength of the muscles and meditation can give you the power of spirit which is with in you always but have been forgotten. Start practicing and with consistancy your pain will start to go away and you will BE HAPPY !!!.