Can pranayama help cure epilepsy? I am 31 years old and became epileptic 15 months ago. I am on my second medication but still have occasional mini fits which leave me physically and emotionally drained. The doctors are unable to explain why I have become

epileptic and why I am starting to have mini fits again after it staying under control for 5 months. I don't want to spend my life with it especially now that I have my first child..


My dear sister I am so glad that you are looking for the answers for your condition OUTSIDE of medical treatment.It's good to get a diagnoses and start your treatment but once you have stabilized your acute(immediate) condition you need to look at your whole way of living ! It has been seen that apx. 80% of diseases are caused by excessive stress. Please try to see that how you view this life as , as a celebration or as a endless work or misrey ? Attitude is EVERYTHING !! And when you do these 7 step pranayamas your stress levels go down , your attitude starts to improve from inside out. Epilepsy is a unregulated electrical storm in the brain and with Calming and balancing results of these pranayams you will be able to slowly calm down your electrical and chemical network, find a teacher or get a DVD - healing power of pranayama and start your practice today, it will take time but what do you have to loose ? just unregulated elecric current !!