Namastey Swamiji, Some say that drinking milk is unhealthy as it is an animal derivative. Grateful if you could shed some light on this. Please treat as confidential. Thank You.

Namaste', Let me 1st make it clear Swami Ramdev Ji is NOT answering these questions, these are answered by Pranayam Teachers listed as the pillers on this website. We have hosted Swami Ji in chicago last year and have visited him in India and are also a proud sponser of his Chicago July, 2007 Yog Camp organisers who have been doing this work for apx 5 years. We have in that time if we estimate roughly have taught his pranayam to over 18,000 people in free camps and weekly sessions. Having cleared that let me tell you Swami Ji only eats boiled vegitables, fruits and drink MILK. He has a Gaushala ( COWPEN) in his ashram in haridwar and every one in his team drinks warm milk , we know that as we had the chance to serve then all last October in Chicago. Swami Ji considers Milk to be a COMPLETE FOOD. It is the complete food as nature nurtures the newborns ONLY with milk. It is a perfect combination of carbohydrate, fat and protien. You don't have to hurt any animals to get milk. If we think that any thing comming from animals is UNHEALTHY then get prepared to shun.. Butter, Ghee, Dahi (yougart), most indian sweets ancluding burfee as all these are dairy products, most breads, pastries, cakes, cookies and many pasta dishes as they contain eggs, or some part of eggs. Most capsules contain animal products also so don't take your prescribed drugs also as they contain some gelatin , an animal product. Every one has a choice to take things to any extent as they seem fit for them to take, but what ever you do stay content and BE HAPPY !!! products