What yoga technique do you recommend for strengthening heart muscles. I have a heart valve leak and weak heart muscles. Thank You.

All the Heart Opening asanas and mudras are very benificial in strenthening the heart muscles. Anjali Mudra, Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward-Facing Dog) and, Bhujangasn ( cobra pose ) are good. The 7 step pranayama can really work very well to strenthen all the internal organs including heart. They are specially suited for internal organ exercise and stimulation. If you have not had any surgery recently then you can start doing these at a medium pace and with low to medium strength, but please make sure you are doing these properly and for the proper timing. If you need help then get a DVD from our site they are excellent for people who don't know much about pranayam and take you step by step. Open your heart with pranayam and rebuild the strength which is lost and BE HEALTHY AND HAPPY !!