I need help i would like yo learn yoga and meditaion the correct way help be able to help less able people. I also want to meet my inner sole (connect to my inner sole)would you be albe to suggest any thing please.

Yog means addition or union, union of what ? Union of our soul with the source of it all. Our small self with that ultimate One. It's so nice to hear from people like you who want to do things for others. Dhyan ( meditation ) can not be learned professionally !!! Meditation happens, but you have to do the preparation for it. Like sleep happens you can't learn it professionally to sleep, but you have to work hard all day, make the bed, make room comfortable, quite and dark, make your mind slow down and quite enough and then the sleep HAPPENS. So is the case with meditation, for that you have to be fit to be able to sit for an half hour or so with your back straight, have to be able to empty your mind of all the worldly things and thoughts, but that is very difficult as soon as you will sit down all the things you don't want to think will come in your thought and you will be sitting and just day dreaming and this would lead to frustration. that's why we teach Yogic stretches and Pranayama which leads you to meditation. You can either find a good teacher or get a couple of DVD's and see if what ever is in the dvd's makes sense to you. 1St you have to have it before you can start giving. So start learning, start practicing, form a group and learn what ever you can and then start distributing, It's not difficult at all, but needs your full commitment so that you can help others and in return BECOME HAPPY and HEALTHY !! !!!