Is there any cure for Schizophrenia? Please reply in detail. Thanks.

Schizophrenia is a disorder of the thought process where a person can get delusional and have a perception which is far from the reality, these patients also are paranoid and think that some is always watching them and are there to get them. They can also get suicidal so you have to 1st get them diagnosed properly and be stabilized. Greatest help can be the family members who should understand the problem and try to work with the patient with great patience. There are several anti-psychotic medications which can also help. But in medical treatment cure is hard to come by, you always have to keep on taking medications and keep fine tuning the medicine based on negetive or positive symptoms of the disease. All these drugs do have a lot of side effects and can cause diabetes and high blood pressure. If a patient is stable enough to do the pranayam it can be of great help but you have to do it daily and may be twice in the begining for an hour or so. This 7 step programm of pranayam can be a life changing modality. Kapal bhati is such a powerful pranayam that if done properly it can stimulate Vagal nerve which can make you look at life positively, It works like a daily ECT treatment ( shock treatment ) without the side effects. Anulom Vilom can balance the thinking process as people with such mental disorder are useing their right brain more and are not able to perform scheduled, logical functions of daily routine, alternate nostril breathing brings the balance and calms down the anxiouness and restlesness of the mind. So if a patient can do these there is no doubt that these can be of great help. Learn these techniques and do these consistantly without focussing on the results as it can only help if you are NOT taking any more stress of doing these pranayamas. Start your practice and break all the illusions of life and BE HAPPY !!!