I started doing pranyam about 3 months back watching swami ji's program on TV. When I do the pranyam practise, I burp a lot. Sometimes, I have to completely stop for the burps to clear, before I can continue.

This happens  during all the practises, specifically during Kapalbati. My stomach tightens up during the practise but it becomes normal after 3-4 mintues. I would like to know if this is normal and what could be happening.


No, its NOT "normal" for you to burp a lot while doing pranayama. We have taught it to more than 18000 people so far and this is the 1st we are hearing about burping !! Please pay close attention to your technique and have a Pranayama Teacher look at your technique so that you start getting the benefits of Pranayama. Also are you doing it on an empty stomach or after taking food or tea. Empty stomach is the best way !!!