I would like to make a donation on a regular basis - Will you be setting up you cite so that it can be done with credit or debit cards?

Dear Kay, What a noble idea !! We are a little apprehensive about ASKING for donations. But on the other hand we want to help as many people as we can thru our free wednesday / thursday evening sessions. Apart from these we have apx. 10 more free sessions each month at different places including.. West Michigan cancer center, senior center, KVCC community college, Allegan Cancer center, Stroke club of kalamazoo, Naperville cancer center, Ferrous State Pharmacy Alternative health class, Hari om Temple , Indo-American temple and cultural center, people's church of Kalamazoo and the list goes on. We also offer frequent free seminars in the local community as well as are invited to other states and cities where we are able to raise the awareness in interested public about pranayama, yogic streaches,meditation and a healty and positive approach to life. Your question has really raised a great question and I think I am able to say YES we will accept any donation in the form of money, helping us do a seminar in your community, by giving your friends and family a DVD from our site or any thing else you can think of. All I can say to you is THANKYOU ! THANKYOU !! THANKYOU !!!