Since when we have been doing pranayam , my stomach got bigger, I think its because of kapalbhatee. I am doing it in a correct way but I do not understand why its happening. even my parents also facing the same problem.!

Pranayam practices specially KAPALBHATI if done in the correct way WILL make your stomach SMALLER. Kapalbhati is THE pranayam which can make you loose weight !!! When you say that you are doing it correctly, I will have to ask you where and how did you and your parents learned it from, How long do you do it for and for how many days, months and years have you been doing it for ... Kapalbhati is a pranayam where stomach is contracted and air is thrown out forcefully, 1 strok per minute, so as you are NOT expanding your stomach but are contracting it 60 times/ minute then stomach can't get bigger. Untill unless in your practice of one or the other pranayam you are popping your stomach out knowingly or unknowingly you can't get a bigger stomach. Please find a pranayam teacher in your area and get your techniques rectified once for all and start reducing the size of your stomach, you can also get a DVD and learn the proper technique. Proper technique ,timing and sequence is important for pranayam to be more effective.