Hey i have tryed lots of weight loss pills but i cant loose weight is any thing u guyess can help me i realy need to loose weight as fast as i can any tip u have plz help me thank you

Dear Nikki, I don't know of ANY one who wants to loose weight but slowly, every one wants the results NOW !!! I always ask them how long did it take you to gain the weight you want to loose just think about it. But still if you want to loose it fast then please do the following.. ONLY eat fruits and green,yellow,red and orange vegitables (steamed not fried),as this physical body is called Annamaya kosh means is formed by anna ( grains) so if you stop eating grains then your physical size stops growing !! Do pranayam for 1 hr in AM and for some time in PM as well as much as you have time for, don't take any pills to supress your hunger , a good digestion is a GOOD thing. Drink warm water 3-4 glasses 1st thing in am and 3-4 glasses in the rest of the day, don't drink soft drinks even diet drinks, a resent study found that people who drink diet drinks are more likely to gain wt. than the rest of us. Drink green tea if you like it, Don't snack just eat your 3 meals, no meals after 7 pm. and move ,move and move.I am also pasting another posting from a previous question. Here it is ................. HARI OM' ! A lot of questions are comming in for WEIGHT LOSS!! and why not, 66% of US poppulation is over weight, Pranayam and other yoga and non-yoga exercises are NOT a quick fix, YES we all would like to get in perfect health and weight in a short time. My thinking is this that GREAT HEALTH has no time line. It is a way of life which needs to continue ALL of our life, When you say you are 25 lbs over wt., but who has put that limit ? A thin person doesn't mean a healthy person. Are you healthy other wise ? Lets just focus on what we need to do for a great health. We need to have a Healthy daily routine where you get up early in the AM and after brushing drink 2-3 glasses of warm water, do a little streching and do your toilet routine, a normal bowl movement early AM is a must for great health. Doing ALL the Pranayams for apx. 1 hour with Kapal Bhati for 20 minutes would help. Doing some yogic streches and aerobic exercises also need to be done. So many people we have seen are NOT doing the pranayams with the proper technique, please learn it properly and have some one knowing it well, look at you to see if it is being done properly. We have met people doing these for more than a year and doing them wrong !! Seek out a teacher. Get a DVD. Attend a seminar. If the wt. is stubburn then just stop eating grains and only be on a diet of fruits and vegitables. Remember EAT LESS , LIVE MORE !! Don't ADD the stress of loosing weight to already a stressful life of today. You didn't gain this wt. in a month or even 6 months then why do you think it will all go away in a month. You will still need to do all these things for rest of your life so why put a time limit, just keep practicing and STAY HAPPY. LOKI Juice is better than Loki cooked. Drink warm water with ginger during the day also. Trifla is great but make sure you are tasting it and not swallowing it in a capsule form. Have faith in your hard work & HARI OM and BE HAPPY !!!