Can pranayam cure insomnia?i am suffering from this problem for the past few months.i get anxious when i retire to bed to sleep.

Insomnia- sleepless in India ? It used be called the disease of the rich when we were growing-up in India. Now the wave of affluance has engulfed more and more people into its realm. Apx. 43 million people in U.S. have insomnia. Pranayam doesn't cure any disease and it also cures every disease, Its NOT a symptomatic treatment that we will say it takes care of these symptoms but it balances you out from inside out, Bhastrika breath can automatically shuts your eyes and deep long breaths relax you to the extent that some times in the evening classes we have students who come directly from work in the week days that they start yawning because of relaxation produced just by 2-5 minutes of this. Anulom Vilom does even more balancing of the brain and gives a pause to your 1000 miles per hour thoughts thus relaxing the brain to fall in a stuper. Yes please give these a try, these are simple , you don't need any props and you don't have to lose your sleep over the price as these are FREE... Learn it do it and experience the sleep and Be Happy !!!