My daughter in law (34) who is in US, gets pollen allergy .. nose continuously watering, sneezes, soar throat etc. for abt two months during Apr and May. Kindly suggest suitable assanas, other details, if any. Thanks and regards Sabhani

This time of the year you will see a lot of people get terrible allergies. Allergies are nothing more than hypersensitive nasal mucosa, meaning the inside of the nose is getting too sensitive. These pranayam practices have a great affect on these allergy symptoms as they help open the nasal passages and help drain the filled up sinus cavities. Another great tool yoga has is Jal Neti- which means cleaning out your sinuses with warm salt water every day- it works wonderfully for allergies and colds. You can buy a NETI-POT from any drugstore in USA for about $10 or less and start doing these practices, nothing happens if you don't try these on a daily basis, clean your sinuses,clarify your mind and purify your life with power of pranayama. Stay disease free and BE HAPPY !!