I am Sumant studying in Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul,Hyderabad at present my age is 18 so upto what age my height increases and at present my height is 5.3feet so by doing yoga can I increase and after how many years

Dear Sumant you are in luck !! Yes you can increase your height with pranayama and asanas but you are running out of time , you have a year or 2 to do these practices to increase your height as after 20yrs if becomes hard to increase your height. Your height 1st of all depends on your genes, then your healthy food intake and activity level. Do these 7 step pranayama for apx. 1 hour a day and also do these asanas...1)Pashchim-uttan asan 2) Sarwang Asam 3) Hal Asan 4) chakra asan and 5) Parvat asan. These would help you to increase your height. As you would be learning in Gurukul that height of your body is not as important as the HEIGHT (quality) of your thoughts ! Keep trying and these pranayam practices will take you to your goal for which you are in a gurukul much faster.