Please do let me know all the steps of pranayam in order (like Kapalbhati, anulom vilom .Is it necessary to do pranayam's all steps, in order?

Is it necessary to do all steps in order ? The thing is this that Pranayam has been around for centuries, Its has been touted in vedas to be curetive and was until recently only used to be done for spirititual growth as in Kundilini awakening. Swami Ramdev ji, when started doing and teaching these pranayam to other people in the quest of the spirit, he discovered the most curative values of these practices. He started to do experiments with pranayam with a lot of people and has thus come up with the sequence and timing. So now we can say after experiments with millions of people that sequence and timing is important. 1) Bhastrika (5 min) 2)Kapal Bhati (15-30 minutes) 3) Bahaya (3-5 times), 4)Agni saar 5)Anulom Vilom ( 15-30 Min), 6) Bhramri ( 3-7 times) 7) Udgeet 3-7 times 8) dhayaan ( meditation ) If any one has any dreadful disease then this program should be done twice daily. Another very important thing is the technique and it has to be correct for these practices to be of most health. 5) Bhramri