What is the best way to learn breathing exercises for stroke victims that have right side paralysis( no movement at all)?

A lot of people who have disabilities are doing pranayam easily and are getting the results. All the pranayama's are to be done by the use of mostly lungs , if you can breath you can do pranayam, even if your right side is paralized you can do ALL the pranayams, We have seen kids who are not able to sit down but the parents sit by them and make them do pranayam even Anulom Vilom by putting their own fingers on the kids nostrils to make them do it. When you are loosing control of your physical self that it should be enough incentive to start doing these practices soon as possible. If you want to learn it just learn from a Pranayam teacher , get a DVD or even by watching Swami Ji on Tv you can learn. We have 3 great DVD's in english if you want to learn you can get those from our site. But the person who has to do it has to be inspired enough to do these practices daily and in your case twice daily for at least 1 hour each.