How to do Bahaya and Agni saar pranayam?

Bahaya pranayam is a little difficult to do as its done with TRI-BANDHA that is --- MoolBandha, Uddiyaan Bandha and JALANDHAR Bandha. You start with moolbandha and go up to uddiyaan bandha and then Jalandhar Bandha, hold your breath for a few seconds may be 7-10 seconds and then release your breath ( caution should be obsereved if you have uncontrolled B.P. it should be not done.) Also when ever you have to hold your breath you have to be aware and careful NOT to over do it. Agni saar is easier and can be done easily. Do Mool Bandha and try udiyaan bandha and release just flapping your stomach in and out while holding your breath. I know its easier to learn in person or watch it and do it than to explain it in words. But 1st you have to know what a bandha is and how with awareness and conciously you have to do these. Learn from a pranayam teacher or DVD and do it in sequence with proper techneque and stay healthy and BE HAPPY !!! as good as Bangalore and BE HAPPY !!!!