Can any pranayaam heal or improve the "prolapsed uterus" in women? Can Kapalbhatti or any other forceful pranayaam make it worse?

We have seen in a lot of women pranayam to be of great help in all sorts of gynacological problems. When ever we start any kind of pranayam it is best to learn from a teacher, the best thing is to attend a science yoga camp, like the one Swami Ramdev Ji is holding in Chicago july 11th - 15th, 2007. Your other option is to get a dvd and start practicing. Ist rule is to listen to your body, be aware of how you really feel when you do this. All the pranayams including Kapalbhati has to be done at a medium pace and with medium strength. For your condition you can even go with a milder strength and see how you feel, concentrate more on Bhastrika and anolom vilom. Learn it the right way, do it under supervision of a teacher or be very aware and see that you are not doing these practices with excessive force, I am sure you have are under a Dr's care for your condition to see if you are getting better or not.