I am 42 years old. MY hair is falling too much and is becoming grey at alarming rate. Any suggestion. I have asked this question before but never got answered.So please advise. Thanks!

Falling hair and graying of hair are a frequent concern @ 42yrs of age. A few things which work very well is doing pranayama on a daily bases for an hour. Another thing is to rub your nails of both hands together for 5 minutes twice daily, this can be done even when you are sitting and reading or watching TV. Great fruit for hair is AMLA ( you can get a dried AMLA or amlaki from a health food store or an Indian store will carry amla murrabba )De-stress your self by doing yogic stretches, pranayama and meditation. Greying hair and balding also is a marker for hot headedness, Just see are you a person who gets hot very soon ? Be aware and keep cool and keep your hair healthy and BE Happy !!!!.